Facebook Review – 5 Star Rating

“Did my CBT with Mike over 2 days as he didn’t think I was safe enough to be out on the road with just a days training and honestly I felt exactly the same. The 2nd day made all the difference with my confidence, it was like night and day, so don’t be afraid to do the CBT over 2 days. Yes it will be more expensive but it will make you a better, safer rider because of it. I also wanted to do the direct access for a full unrestricted bike licence and was torn between buying a 125cc for practice or spending the money on extra training instead. I decided on the extra training with Mike and it paid off because I passed both the Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time.
You need a thick skin with Mike on occasions because he is not afraid of telling you off for the mistakes you will make so don’t take it personally, always remember that he does it to keep you safe because he cares.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time training with Mike and couldn’t recommend him enough, I will really miss my time spent there. So if your thinking of doing any sort of bike training, be it CBT, DAS or refresher lessons, then its got to be the best trainer around and that’s Mike at North West Motorcycle Academy.

Hope this doesn’t sound like man love cos its not, really its not