Where do I start?
I’ll begin at the start… William started by going to another bike training school nearer to home for his CBT, big mistake! Will was home after 2 hours with his money in his pocket and told to go home and practice!!! Having never ridden a bike or driven a car he needed help and guidance!
That’s where RIDEcraft come into play. Recommended to us from the bike shop we had nothing to lose. I say we as I decided I was doing my CBT too! We turned up on the first day and was immediately put at ease by their instructors and had a knowledgeable day learning how to ride.
We didn’t manage to complete in a day as we needed extra tuition so another day and we have returned to complete and come home with our certificates!!!
Highly Recommended!!! The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Passionate for the job!
We’ll both be back for the next stages of our biking journey. THANK YOU MIKE AND THE TEAM!!!!!