A new string to my bow – and coming from my qualifications, past Police career and knowledge in the Law relating to Road Traffic Accidents (Reconstruction) – I am now exercising my position as a ‘Consultant’ in this field, under my banner of RIDEcraft.

During the latter end of the summer in 2018 I was approached by two separate Law Practices (totally unrelated) to review their respective cases about serious injuries sustained by Trainees, whilst under Training. Truthfully, I had always promised myself that I wouldn’t get involved in ‘Accident Investigation’ after I left the Police in 2006, choosing Motorcycle Training and Testing.

Whilst I am not at liberty to reveal details as such – one case deals with a rider who received ‘life-changing’ changing injuries. The other, not quite so serious but may well change his life, were both very seriously injured whilst under Instruction with completely separate training schools.

It was the responsibility I felt as a Senior Police Accident Investigator, to get to the bottom of why any injuries / accident happened, so that the family were able to deal with those injuries or, ultimately find ‘closure’.

My brief in both cases was to ‘discuss’ the training both had received and to make comment on what happened. Whilst reading the evidence on both cases I again felt the ‘pull’ to deduce what happened for those who needed to know, along with those whose lives will not be the same again.

Ultimately, either case could end up in the Civil Courts were presiding Judges will state who was to blame and therefore award any compensation.

In both cases, I have no doubt that the Trainees were certainly not ‘at fault’ but the liability towards their respective Instructors may well be decided against them.

This is something I may not continue with but, when I read files of injuries sustained by Trainees, under poor Instruction or guidance – then I believe I will always react to help in any way I can.