As-and-from October 2021, RIDEcraft is unable to provide the ERS or Advanced Courses. This is a necessary step whilst we catch-up with all of the current demand for Motorcycle Training. I intend to review this in the New Year.

Do you have biking days that stand out in your memory – when the road, bends, and bike’s speed seem to just click into one smooth effortless flow? Do you create these days – or do they ‘just happen’? With Advanced Training you will be able to create these days.

A large part of the pleasure and fun in riding a motorcycle comes from us expressing the skills involved – the DVSA’s initiative of the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) and ultimately Advanced training raises the skill level of the rider. The higher the skill level, the greater the enjoyment and satisfaction in letting them flow – much like a musician.

The ERS can be described as a very good ‘intermediate’ level for which only specifically trained Instructors are allowed to carry out this Assessment.

Working similarly to a CBT Course – there’s no test, you can’t ‘fail’ you simply achieve the Assessment under the watchful eye of a professional taking you through the syllabus. It starts as a one-day course to deliver the basics. A professional assessment during that day suggests what you may want to do to better yourself, to then return for any further Training Sessions.

RIDEcraft is authorised and fully qualified to help you, if you should choose this route.

A main aim for all us then – irrespective of current skill levels – should be the ongoing development and improvement of skills, knowledge, and appreciation of what can be achieved through further accredited training – the ERS and then to achieve an Advanced Assessment / qualification. 

A motto of RIDEcraft is:

the roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best you can become .. only then can we begin to caress perfection

Expert Training from a wealth of knowledge which remains unrivalled anywhere I’m aware of, can develop your awareness and skill levels to the point where you make those special days happen, and those days then become the norm. 

An additional and very significant benefit of ongoing increases in your skill level – is the ongoing increase in your personal safety. Think about the following numbers:

  • Bikers make up 1.2% of the road population
  • they  account for19% of deaths from Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs)
  • In 2014: *
    • 331 bikers died in RTAs (that’s 6 per week)
    • 4866 bikers were Killed or Seriously Injured – KSI (that’s 13 every day)
  • Every day 30 motorcyclists are ‘Killed or Seriously Injured’ in junction related accidents
  • A Category A Licence simply means that the DVSA Practical Test has been passed – which is possible with one Rider Fault every three minutes during the Test. Therefore and clearly, passing the Test is only the beginning of the journey…

* DfT statistics, 2014

Street wisdom suggests ‘it’s the one you don’t see that gets you…’. As your skills and awareness develop, you’ll see everything – all the time. This highlights one of the Police Roadcraft manual’s principles under ‘Planning’ – ‘Observe, Anticipate, Decide, Prioritise and Act‘. Consider this from my own Police rider / Driver Training – “consider all other road users as killers – if they don’t get you today, it’s a bonus”!

All Advanced Training is based upon the Police system of Riding & Driving. So if you’d like to target such a level – you need someone who’s been subjected to such training at a professional level over many years, not simply a 5 day visit to a training centre – to then believe they’re fully conversant – they’re most certainly not!

It’s the ‘understanding of the subject matter‘ which matters and not just tell you what to do, which makes RIDEcraft seriously ‘better than the rest‘!

Ongoing improvement, ‘Continuous Professional Development’ is an endless process. All of our instructors, every Examiner, and some advanced motorcyclists undergo regular assessments with enhancement where necessary.

What you should be aware of is there are only two major Advanced Organisations in the UK – The Institute of Advanced Motorists and, the greater of the two – RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and their Riding / Driving interest covered by RoADAR (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders). It is only the latter which offers the highest UK civilian Riding / Driving Award – that of the coveted ‘Gold’ Award.

The owner of RIDEcraft is an active RoSPA Examiner and has worked for the I.A.M. in the past. In other words – we know ‘what the Examiner is looking for’ and – more to the point – know exactly what we’re talking about. 

You may well see adverts towards the DIA (The Driving Instructors Association). This is stated by one of their own Examiners to be no better than “a decent DAS (DVSA ‘L’) riding Award” and is in no-way comparable to the two Organisations above, contrary to the adverts.

Regardless of that there are many Instructors / Training Schools who claim to be DIA Instructors / Examiners. The reality is that many have never turned a wheel astride a motorcycle as either and fall well-short of a capability of providing such training / examination.

We can work with you on any aspect of riding, taking a formal Advanced Testing if you wish – whilst there’s no need to do so. If you choose the former route then it should not be to try to reduce your annual insurance premium! It should always be about making yourself better, sharper and yes, safely faster. Always remember that ‘it’s all about the technique and not the speed‘!

From half to full-day sessions, we’ll work with you on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis to continually develop your skills, safety, and enjoyment of riding – where safety rules at the Academy.

Advanced riding is what RIDEcraft was initially born to do way back in 1998, based upon Mike’s Police Rider & Driver Qualifications – to try to ‘give something back’. It now embraces all aspects of on-road riding to a level which cannot be found anywhere else, based on The Docks at Preston.

As always – if you think we can help, then give me a call for an informal chat – or better still – call in for a ‘meet and a moan’!!