Motorcycle Training on The Docklands, Ashton, Preston.

RIDEcraft Motorcycle Academy is an organisation of highly experienced and qualified Instructors with a vast experience in all areas of motorcycling, from a CBT Course through to ‘True Advanced’ Training.

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6th January 2021:

The Covid Virus is now mutating but Scientists find a way to deal with it! The effects of the latter will take a little time, with the ‘jabs’ etc., but at least the light’s back on at the end of “a shorter tunnel”! I can sate that I certainly wouldn’t want to carry the responsibility the Government is tasked with sorting out.

Accepting that, RIDEcraft remains closed at the moment, due to the new Lock-Down (Tier 5). I will continue to monitor the situation but I do feel that we all must now (as we should have done anyway!), knuckle down and do as we are now ‘instructed’, and not ‘asked’.

All being well, I intend to hopefully re-open RIDEcraft mid-February, whilst that cannot be guaranteed. ALL Training therefore is now postponed, which includes those expecting to start a DAS / A2 Course, along with everything ‘Powered Two Wheels’ (CBT’s etc.).

Mike at RIDEcraft.

As a ‘Centre of Motorcycling Excellence‘, the Instructors at RIDEcraft Academy have been carefully chosen due to their established professional and long-term abilities, well-known and respected by the owner of the Academy – Mike Bentley. Because of the ‘Intention’ of the Academy, they are especially capable of delivering a standard of instruction which is ‘better than the rest‘, the moto of the Academy.

Along with yours truly, the Instructors are Steve Fox, a well established CBT / DAS Instructor, with Mark Robinson and Russ Watkinson in no particular order, both fully fledged after their training at RIDEcraft and more-so ‘trusted’ by me, in the ‘Craft’ of Motorcycle Instruction.

RIDEcraft is pleased to announce that Rob Whyte has now joined the ranks of the Authorised Instructors, receiving great comments from the DVSA Examiner, calling-in to check he is suitable to work on his own. Rob is a long-term motorcyclist and it’s been a ‘dream’ of his to do this for a very long time. His ‘dream’ has now come true and he does a great job! It goes without saying he received the very best of Training at RIDEcraft, second to no other training establishment.

We have now welcomed Mick Stanley to the Academy, who’s jut started his Instructor Training. Mick went through his CBT/DAS Course with RIDEcraft. He became so impressed with what went on, he developed the intention to ‘give something back’.

Wulstan Melling (‘Wully‘) has also joined our ranks. He is an established Motorcycle CBT / DAS Instructor who let his ‘Authority’ to Instruct lapse due to the medical / care needs of his parents. He is back to regain his legal ability to again, work on his own, for RIDEcraft. 

They all come from highly professional backgrounds, bringing their own slants to the very important task of CBT / Test Training Instruction, to ably assist me to form an unrivalled team of six, driving RIDEcraft forwards, seven days a week. The ‘passion’ of Motorcycling is their reason for helping me and you.

After being brought-in to manage the previous school on this site in September 2016, I took over full control in May 2017. We now deliver motorcycle training on The Docks in Preston from CBT to Advanced and promote the highest standards. This is by providing knowledge and support in every area of riding, whether it’s conducting your CBT, preparing for the DVSA L-Test, or furthering your rider training from ‘Rusty Biker’, ‘Return to Biking’, the Enhanced Rider Scheme to Advanced or ultimately ‘True Advanced’. At RIDEcraft – ‘Road Safety Absolutely Rules‘.

We have the largest off-road and safe training area of any other site I’m aware of, more-so with full 24/7 access throughout the year. It provides a pleasant training environment with loads of space to get to grips, riding automatic of geared bikes.

You should know that other training bodies claim to cover Preston – they don’t! You’ll have to travel long distances to get to their premises well outside the City areas and then travel on unfamiliar roads.

Only RIDEcraft operates and carries out training in Preston and surrounding areas. These include up to Cockerham in the north, Blackburn, Rishton area to the east; Newburgh, Parbold and Burscough to the south and out through West Lancs. to Southport. That said – as we are located IN Preston, then you may incur some travelling time but I can personally guarantee you – you will find it all worth it!

We also provide training for those who’d like to become a professional Motorcycle Instructor. Those interested – must first be ‘over 21’ and have held a motorcycle licence for more-than 3 years. It is a very rewarding position, with Trainees looking to you for help and inspiration.

Based on The Docks in Preston, our motorcycle packages are aimed at nurturing the highest levels of awareness, skills, and capabilities in riders by working with our Trainees – as there is no ‘one size fits all’. Our services are ‘Client Centred’, to meet and support your requirements, whatever your needs. The bottom-line with this is ‘you cannot be disadvantaged’, as an official and professional statement.

We provide Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), A1 Light Motorcycle, A2 Restricted, Progressive Access, Direct Access Scheme (DAS), Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) and Advanced, 7 days a week. Bikes and clothing supplied free of charge if required.

We hope to create a warm and welcoming community for which our trainees / riders can feel part of. This includes getting advice, chatting through plans and ideas, or merely calling-in for a chat at RIDEcraft.

We maintain an active Facebook site with many of our past Trainees taking the time to leave their comments about their experience at this ‘Centre of Motorcycling Excellence’. There’s also our Google Testimonials. Feel free to take a look at either media displaying wholly independent reviews to help you. You may enjoy the videos too!

Feel free to get in touch with Mike for a casual chat to cover your needs, concerns or even worries you may have.








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